Abstract Southwest - Photos by John Villinski
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 Come take a journey with me into the world of oft-unnoticed details. While the southwestern United States is known for grand landscapes, stunning vistas and endless skies, I like to focus on the small intricacies of the desert. Whether it is the structure of a succulent or the patterns left by the harsh environment’s action on discarded human objects, I enjoy exploring the underlying architecture of the world around us.


 I do enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, the vistas and the mountains, the sand dunes and beaches, and especially the red-rock, canyon-country of the Four-Corners region!


 The desert is certainly not barren, and flowers are to be found from the dry desert floor to the alpine mountain tops. Sometimes you find a single bloom, while othertimes the hills can be carpeted. Here you will find a smattering of my favorite blooms.


 Often the landscape will lend itself better to a panoramic view than a more conventional.

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